Corporate Advisory

Corporate Advisory

We provide financial and strategic advisory services to medium and large companies in Central America, the Dominican Republic with a specific focus on mergers and acquisitions. We also act as the local representative for groups outside of the region in their acquisition or divestiture endeavors within Central America and the Dominican Republic.

With services ranging from financial valuations and balance sheet optimization to personalized advisory in mergers & acquisitions transactions, we are trusted advisors to both regional and international entrepreneurs and corporations as they evaluate possible transactions. We also provide value-added services such as financial evaluation of opportunitiescapital raising and strategic financial advisory.

We are a firm of global experience and local approach, enabling us to advise multinational groups around the world and guide them in their acquisitions – and strategic investments – in Central America and the Dominican Republic.

Our overarching objective is to maximize the satisfaction of business owners in a professional, serious and confidential manner.

Backed by a solid track-record, we specialize in mergers and acquisitions. We advise regional and global groups in the identification, evaluation, negotiation with targets – within or outside of the region – and manage the execution of these transactions, frequently cross-border.

We are the trusted advisor of the entrepreneur interested in selling a portion or all of their group as well as the corporate group seeking to expand its presence through strategic acquisitions in the region.

The scope of our transactional services is tailor-made to the needs of each buyer or seller and can include the following services:

Financial Advisory

  • Financial Valuation and Fairness Opinion
  • Financial Feasibility Assessment
  • Assessment of Asset Portfolio 
  • Analysis of Investment or Divestment Opportunities 
  • Assessment and evaluation of initial offers
  • Preparation of marketing Materials
  • Identification and contact with strategic and financial targets
  • Negotiation of deal structure
  • Management of due-diligence process
  • Identification and initial contact with potential targets
  • Financial Analysis and evaluation of acquisition opportunities
  • Enterprise valuation and deal structuring
  • Management of due-diligence process

Financial Valuation is the process of estimating the monetary value of an asset, whether tangible or intangible.

We have conducted hundreds of financial valuations and fairness opinions over time to assess the value of an operating asset or to confirm to business owners whether the offer they received for their business is appropriate.

Conducting a financial valuation is both an art and a science. A science because it is based on recognized methodologies, used by experts worldwide; an art because multiple assumptions and criteria are to be made, many of which are subjective, that are dependent on the financial situation, macroeconomic factors, and business environment that each firm operates in.

At Asesores en Finanzas we present in our valuation reports an in-depth analysis of value based on various conventional methods of valuation to which we add our know-how and understanding of the regional market and its peculiarities. We present an estimated value that is based on our knowledge of the local market rather than on theoretical valuation techniques.

As companies grow, they are often faced with changing capital requirements. Asesores en Finanzas helps local and regional groups identify, quantify and evaluate their financing needs and supports their financing activities where needed.

We work hand in hand with business owners and top management to define an optimal capital structure, taking into account foreseeable trends for the company and its industry, availability of financial instruments, and the company’s risk tolerance, among other factors.   

Whether faced with a need to refinance existing debts, obtain new lines of credits, obtain financing without depending on personal guarantees, or optimize terms on existing loans, we work with your company to identify optimal financing opportunities and prepare for them.

Established corporations and fast growing companies are often faced with strategic opportunities to partner, acquire, or spin-off a business unit as well as develop new products or markets segments. 

Each one of these opportunities has the potential to generate value add for the shareholders, provided that they are aligned with the vision and business interests, and that they present an attractive economic or strategic return.

As an independent advisor, Asesores en Finanzas carries out a financial analysis of these projects or investments, always taking into account the strategic objectives inherent to our clients.

We present a report of findings, both positive and negative, as well as a valuation analysis to support tailored recommendations for each investment or project that our clients are contemplating.

Asesores en Finanzas provides specialized financial services to the owners and shareholders of family-run businesses. As an independent external advisor we assist corporate groups in evaluating the performance of their businesses and investments. We can provide strategic support on projects ranging from specific, short-term, and temporary assignments to long-term strategic advisory spanning months and years.

Through out the last decade, with the ongoing globalization of the world economy, the Central American region has captured the interest of a wide variety of businesses including “multi-Latina’s” and global conglomerates alike that view in the region as a suitable market for strong growth. This trend has resulted in a structural change in the local economy, presenting new opportunities and risks for those companies and investors that have active business interests in the region.

Bringing to bear extensive transactional experience in the region, Asesores en Finanzas provides an objective point of view to corporate groups, offering insightful perspective on how to best mitigate risks and exploit the untapped potential the region holds.