Advisory to Family Groups

Advisory to Family Groups

Operating under the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism, we advise the owners and shareholders of family businesses in the Central American and Dominican Republic region. Our team helps achieve optimal asset portfolio management through tailor-made financial strategy. We understand that every company and every family group is different and that each client requires a different range of financial solutions.

As external and independent advisers, we often offer a new and objective perspective on important issues that arise as family businesses grow and new opportunities present themselves.

We provide personalized and strategic advice on such important matters as wealth preservation, portfolio diversification, financial valuation, and succession planning, as well as supporting the evaluation of investment opportunities and providing strategic financial advisory.

Any decision made in the managing of family wealth has a direct impact on future generations. The asset’s value may vary depending on the cash flow generated by the operating asset; with the sale of a high value asset; or with other decisions that always involve some form of risk.

This area can quickly become more complex as family structures grow and with the incorporation of external actors and new generations in the management of family assets.  Establishing early on a formal structure to appropriately manage family wealth helps to refocus the group’s interests towards a set of common objectives and avoid possible tensions in the future.

Asesores en Finanzas supports family groups in the preservation of their legacy, maximizing performance and minimizing risks for the benefit of present and future generations.

We advise family businesses in:

  • Defining and implementing sound investment strategies.
  • Establishing clear strategies for the placement of capital across asset classes aligned with the short, medium and long-term family interests.
  • Regularly monitoring financial portfolios, using objective evaluation methods defined in conjunction with our clients. 
  • Supporting the organization by helping implement a governance structure with transparent and measurable objectives for the family.

Asset diversification is key to minimizing risks and grow family wealth in a responsible and sustainable way. A balanced portfolio should include investments in various asset classes, across different sectors of the economy and spread across different levels of liquidity and risk.

The proper strategic planning of a diversified portfolio achieves good yields in certain investments with controlled risk exposure.

We advise owners and shareholders of family businesses in addressing these challenges as to how to best protect and grow the liquidity generated by a possible sale or partial sale of their businesses.

Asesores en Finanzas helps family groups analyze and identify various investment alternatives – We help Family Groups develop and manage a diversified portfolio, in line with their long-term objectives.

Efficient governance is the key to run a business effectively; family groups often face a tough challenge as they grow to a point where a reorganization or governance advisory is required to efficiently manage the group.

With respect to governance, Asesores en Finanzas supports business owners in both restructuring their organization as well as redefining the group with a proper corporate structure to ensure an efficient management for the long run.

The process of transitioning to a new generation is a natural event that impacts many family-run organizations. The legacy of a family’s wealth is directly related to the proper management of this process.

The passing of assets to new generations must be planned and executed in predefined and organized steps in order to facilitate the transition and preserve both family harmony and the wealth inherited.

Asesores en Finanzas participates in the succession planning as a trusted independent and external advisor. We lead the process in a participative manner, involving all family members. We seek to achieve a consensus through a harmonious blend of the various individual as well as collective objectives.

We are well aware that each family is unique, with its own history, experience and objectives. The experience in this field that we bring to the table enables us to offer customized solutions based on the feedback we receive from members involved in the process.

Financial Valuation is the process of estimating the monetary value of an asset, whether tangible or intangible.

We have conducted hundreds of financial valuations and fairness opinions over time to assess the value of an operating asset or to confirm to business owners whether the offer they received for their business is appropriate.

Conducting a financial valuation is both a science and an art. A science because it is based on recognized methodologies, used by experts worldwide. An art because multiple assumptions and criteria are to be made, many of which are subjective, depending on the financial situation, macroeconomic factors, and business environment.

At Asesores en Finanzas, we present, in our valuation reports, a detailed analysis of value based on various conventional methods of valuation to which we add our know-how and understanding of the regional market and its peculiarities. We present an estimated value that is based on our knowledge of the local market rather than on theoretical valuation technics.

In order to diversify their portfolio, family groups often face various challenges that hinder the decision making process with respect to new project or when deciding to invest in the different opportunities that present themselves.

Asesores en Finanzas conducts, in a short time, a thorough financial analysis of the projects or investments contemplated, taking into consideration in the analysis the unique strategic criteria of each family group. We present a report of findings, both positive and negative, as well as a valuation analysis to support personalized recommendations for each investment or project contemplated.

Asesores en Finanzas provides specialized and personalized financial services to owners of family businesses. We assist regional groups in the ongoing performance of its business and investment as independent external advisors. We can provide strategic support on projects ranging from specific, short-term, temporary projects to ongoing advisory over months and years. 

Over the last decade, with the globalization of economies, the interest and transactions involving the Central American economic region has grown exponentially as multi-Latin and global companies view in the region a suitable market for growth. This trend has resulted in a structural change in our economies, presenting new opportunities and additional risks for family groups in the region.

With extensive transactional experience in the regional market, Asesores en Finanzas provides an objective viewpoint to family groups, offering a different perspective without conflict of interest.