Mergers & Acquisitions

In Central America, mergers and acquisitions are terms that have become popular in recent years, also referred to as M&A. The term refers to the practice of business groups to consolidating with the strategic objective of achieving inorganic growth. A merger involves the formation of a body of common interest by integrating the two groups into one common entity. An acquisition consists of a group buying a controlling stake - up to a 100% - of the assets or equity of another company.


Due to the similar nature of this process, minority investments and capital raises are often referred to as Merger and Acquisition operations as well.


A key step in evaluating different transactions is to understand and differentiate between a strategic buyer and a financial buyer.


Buy-Side Advisory

Buy-Side Advisory

We advise regional and international companies in evaluating strategic acquisitions in a variety of industries and sectors throughout Central America.


Let us worry about it


Asesores en Finanazas manages the gritty details of mergers and acquisitions in order to facilitate the important decision making process for our clients. We manage the complexity of the process and execute the detailed analysis, presenting to our clients the relevant and organized information that is needed for the “big picture” decisions. 


We take care of the complexity of the process to allow for intelligent and informed decisions


We provide personalized services tailored to the needs of each project and each client:


Management of M&A Processes

  • Initial  point of contact with the "Target" and evaluation of strategic alignment.
  • Financial analysis and valuation.
  • Identification and quantification of potential synergies.
  • Negotiation of deal terms.
  • Management and coordination of due-diligence process.

Target Identification:

  • Define target profile and criteria as well as strategic objectives; set up an objective framework to effectively assess each individual target.
  • Market survey and identification of "Targets" using agreed upon  criteria. 
  • Contact and dialogue with potential targets.


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