Wealth Preservation

Any decision made in the managing of family wealth has a direct impact on future generations. The asset's value may vary depending on the cash flow generated by the operating asset; with the sale of a high value asset; or with other decisions that always involve some form of risk.


This area can quickly become more complex as family structures grow and with the incorporation of external actors and new generations in the management of family assets.  Establishing early on a formal structure to appropriately manage family wealth helps to refocus the group's interests towards a set of common objectives and avoid possible tensions in the future.


Asesores en Finanzas supports family groups in the preservation of their legacy, maximizing performance and minimizing risks for the benefit of present and future generations.


We advise family businesses in:

  • Defining and implementing sound investment strategies.
  • Establishing clear strategies for the placement of capital across asset classes aligned with the short, medium and long-term family interests.
  • Regularly monitoring financial portfolios, using objective evaluation methods defined in conjunction with our clients. 
  • Supporting the organization by helping implement a governance structure with transparent and measurable objectives for the family.


Advisory to Family Groups

Operating under the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism, we advise the owners and shareholders of family businesses in the Central American and Dominican Republic region. Our team helps achieve optimal asset portfolio management through tailor-made financial strategy. We understand that every company and every family group is different and that each client requires a different range of financial solutions.


As external and independent advisers, we often offer a new and objective perspective on important issues that arise as family businesses grow and new opportunities present themselves.


We provide personalized and strategic advice on such important matters as wealth preservation, portfolio diversification, financial valuation, and succession planning, as well as supporting the evaluation of investment opportunities and providing strategic financial advisory.


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