Succession Planning

The process of transitioning to a new generation is a natural event that impacts many family-run organizations. The legacy of a family’s wealth is directly related to the proper management of this process.


The passing of assets to new generations must be planned and executed in predefined and organized steps in order to facilitate the transition and preserve both family harmony and the wealth inherited.


Asesores en Finanzas participates in the succession planning as a trusted independent and external advisor. We lead the process in a participative manner, involving all family members. We seek to achieve a consensus through a harmonious blend of the various individual as well as collective objectives.


We are well aware that each family is unique, with its own history, experience and objectives. The experience in this field that we bring to the table enables us to offer customized solutions based on the feedback we receive from members involved in the process.


Advisory to Family Groups

Operating under the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism, we advise the owners and shareholders of family businesses in the Central American and Dominican Republic region. Our team helps achieve optimal asset portfolio management through tailor-made financial strategy. We understand that every company and every family group is different and that each client requires a different range of financial solutions.


As external and independent advisers, we often offer a new and objective perspective on important issues that arise as family businesses grow and new opportunities present themselves.


We provide personalized and strategic advice on such important matters as wealth preservation, portfolio diversification, financial valuation, and succession planning, as well as supporting the evaluation of investment opportunities and providing strategic financial advisory.


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