Strategic Advisory

Asesores en Finanzas provides specialized and personalized financial services to owners of family businesses. We assist regional groups in the ongoing performance of its business and investment as independent external advisors. We can provide strategic support on projects ranging from specific, short-term, temporary projects to ongoing advisory over months and years. 


Over the last decade, with the globalization of economies, the interest and transactions involving the Central American economic region has grown exponentially as multi-Latin and global companies view in the region a suitable market for growth. This trend has resulted in a structural change in our economies, presenting new opportunities and additional risks for family groups in the region.


With extensive transactional experience in the regional market, Asesores en Finanzas provides an objective viewpoint to family groups, offering a different perspective without conflict of interest.


Advisory to Family Groups

Operating under the highest standards of confidentiality and professionalism, we advise the owners and shareholders of family businesses in the Central American and Dominican Republic region. Our team helps achieve optimal asset portfolio management through tailor-made financial strategy. We understand that every company and every family group is different and that each client requires a different range of financial solutions.


As external and independent advisers, we often offer a new and objective perspective on important issues that arise as family businesses grow and new opportunities present themselves.


We provide personalized and strategic advice on such important matters as wealth preservation, portfolio diversification, financial valuation, and succession planning, as well as supporting the evaluation of investment opportunities and providing strategic financial advisory.


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